Carmel Community Players is excited to announce open auditions for their upcoming musical production of: THE FANTASTICKS (Book by Tom Jones, Music by Harvey Schmidt, Lyrics by Tom Jones)
Show Dates: Friday, April 22nd – Sunday May 8th, to be performed at The Cat in downtown Carmel.
Directed by: Rich Phipps
Musical Director: Bernie Hirsch
Choreographer: Bev Wohrle.
The Fantasticks is a timeless musical, funny, touching, and romantic, about two teenagers who fall in love and their fathers who stage a false feud to keep them apart. The narrator (El Gallo) asks the audience to use their imagination and follow him into a world of moonlight and magic. The show’s original off-Broadway production ran for a total of 42 years (until 2002), making it the world’s longest running musical.

Sunday and Monday, January 9-10, 2022, from 7-9pm.
To be held at: Orchard Park Presbyterian Church, 1605 East 106th Street. Use the main sanctuary entrance (door #2) and turn left to go to the North Chapel at the far end of the building.
Auditioners will be asked to read from the script and prepare 16 bars from any musical (please bring accompaniment). If auditioning for the Mute, please prepare a brief mime.
The Narrator (El Gallo/Bandit) (Male, age range 35-50). He guides us through the musical, as the leading man, mysterious and magnetic. A strong baritone, from low A to high G. Sings the iconic “Try to Remember”.
The Mute (Any gender, any age 18+). A non-singing, non-speaking character who is adept at mime skill and physical movement. The Mute remains on stage the entire show, moving props and aiding transitions, always watching, and helping tell the story with his/her body or fading into the background unnoticed.
The Girl (Luisa) (Female, stage age 16). Exuberant teenager, imaginative daydreamer, and romantic idealist. She’s in love with her neighbor but falls under the influence of the rouguish El Gallo. Youthful-sounding soprano that can sing both very simply and with operatic flamboyance, low B to sustained high C.
The Boy (Matt) (Male, stage age 19). An innocent young man searching for love and adventure. He makes the journey from naïve, to restless, to broken, to discovering a wiser self. A bari-tenor, from low A to high G.
The Girl’s Father (Bellomy) (Male, age range 40-60). A fastidious and tidy button salesman. Manufactures a false feud with his best friend and neighbor, Huckaby, to bring their children together. Baritone, low A to high G, with great comic timing.
The Boy’s Father (Huckaby) (Male, age range 40-60). A bit sloppy and boisterous, learned horticulture in the navy. Teams up with Bellomy on the false feud. Baritone, low A to high F, with great comic timing.
The Old Actor (Henry) (Male age 60+). No upper age limit but must be nimble enough to crawl out from a trunk. Once a famous actor, now a thespian down-on-his luck, ready to recite Shakespeare at the drop of a prop. Does not sing much but must be able to sing in tune.
The Man Who Dies (Mortimer) (Male age range 50+) Must be adept at physical comedy. A sidekick to Henry, he is a clownish character who specializes in dying in comically elaborate death scenes.